5A1L Tiny Desk

Erin David


Erin David is a local singer who's been performing since 2009. She has sung at local fundraisers and festivals throughout the city over the past 10 years. She's performed at National Aboriginal celebration at the legislative grounds, Cariwest, The Works Festival, Heritage days, Heart of the City festival,  Alberta culture days, and Five Artists One Love in celebration of Black History Month. She's had the pleasure of performing with many local talented musicians and continues to perform at other venues throughout the city. 

Riwo Theodora Egor

Riwo Theodora Egor is a Nigerian born singer and songwriter. She is the lead vocalist of the band Melafrique. Riwo is very passionate about sharing messages and personal stories through music, and she prefers to share them using the Neo-soul, R&B and Afro-Jazz styles of music. She believes in the power of music to heal wounds, and cause people to connect with each other on so many levels. One of her biggest goals in life is for her music to bring unity in the diversity of our crazy world.

Facebook | MelAfrique

Instagram | @melafrique_ or @ reps_t

Adaeze Hubbard


Adaeze is a singer-songwriter from Edmonton, Alberta. Adaeze has had a passion for music since she can remember and hopes that her music will not only stimulate her listeners' ears but also their souls while sharing messages that aren't always easily said.
Adaeze is the founder of Exposed Creatives YEG which is a local not for profit organization, that strives to connect local creatives and businesses while creating opportunities for youth to connect, collaborate, and grow together.
You can find Adaeze’s music on all platforms, including her latest single Dear Kings and Queens with Jey Blaq.


Facebook | @expozedyeg

Instagram | @adaezemusic_) or @exposedyeg

Keith Fix


Keith is born and raised in Edmonton and has been making music for 40 years as a sideman, musical director, soundman and roadie. Keith specializes in R&B, funk, gospel, blues, and jazz. He spends most of his time in Edmonton, Vancouver, Seattle, and Dallas, Texas.

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