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The final date to "save a spot" on the wall is December 31, 2022.
Completed Wall artwork's will be required the week of January 17th (date to be confirmed).


The theme of the 2024 incarnation of 'The Wall' is "STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM NOW WE’RE HERE”

This is a familiar phrase many of us have heard over the years. At first glance it seems fairly innocuous, yet, It’s a phrase that can elicit a variety of emotional responses. It can certainly be a proclamation of fact in some conversations that yes, some of your best friends are actually Black. It can also have a more dubious connotation. It is a phrase often invoked when someone has been called out on something they’ve expressed that could be perceived as being micro aggression, racially-biased, or even racist. So today we ask what does it mean to you? - Is it a simple statement of fact or racially charged language?


Be a part of the 5A1L Wall. Share your pieces and we’ll hang them in a provincial Gallery (AGA).


Submit original 12”x12” (1.5 inches wide) canvas-ready artwork, from paintings, and photography to print, representing images and themes that evoke sentiments, ideas or conversation on the year's theme.  


This inclusive part of the showcase has garnered outstanding feedback and growing interest yearly. Past themes include: “There goes the Neighbourhood”; “The Civil Rights Movement” as well as “Black Girl Magic”.  All submissions from paintings, photography must adhere to the canvas dimensions listed above.


To participate in The WALL, email us at with your contact info.


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