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2022 - REUNITED!



It's hard to believe that when the 2020 5 Artists 1 Love music show concluded to a standing ovation on February 1st, 2020, our entire world would be in the midst of a global pandemic just six weeks later. The pandemic has taken a toll on our entire community...especially seniors, the vulnerable, families, students, small businesses, and most certainly artists and arts organizations. 5 Artists 1 Love is certainly no exception.

In light of the ongoing pandemic, provincial restrictions, and our commitment to community health and safety, we launched a retrospective webisode series on Friday, February 26, 2021. The webisode series looked back at 5 Artists 1 Love’s 15 year exploration of the evolution of Black Music as it left Africa and landed on the shores of North America. Some of Edmonton’s finest poets, singers and musicians who have graced our stage in years gone by will fully immerse you in soul-infused performances. From Soul to R&B, Jazz, Gospel, Reggae and Contemporary sounds, 5 Artists 1 Love performers continue to highlight the diversity and creativity of Black Music.


Explore the evolution of black people in film and the music behind it;

 through performance, poetry, comedy and a whole lot of Soul! 5A1L style.

​This exclusive engagement delves into"The Reel Film Noir"!

You'll laugh, ponder, sing-along and bounce your head as we track the

​progression of Cult favourite films and the important catalyst they play

​within the community.


This exclusive engagement invites you into the inner sanctum of Black Barbershops and Beauty Salons! You'll laugh, ponder, sing along and bounce your head. In the 5 Artists 1 Love style explore how over the ages these sacred spaces become an important hub in the community for ...most everything!


'One Night In Harlem’ is a period piece that explores the outpouring of influential music and artistic expression from three famous venues: The Cotton Club, the Savoy Ballroom and the Apollo theater. It covers 1922- present day and promises to be great fun!


This exclusive one-night engagement explores the evolution of Black Music as it left Africa and landed on the shores of North America. From soul to R&B, jazz, gospel, reggae and contemporary sounds it’s all here. Even other genres such as country, folk and classical music have received unique soulful interpretations in the show. This along with a few surprises and you will be treated to a truly immersive musical journey.

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