The final date to "save a spot" on the wall is December 30, 2021.  Completed Wall artworks will be required the week of January 17th (date to be confirmed).


The theme of the 2022 incarnation of 'The Wall' is Afro-punk. Afro-punk (sometimes spelled Afro-Punk, Afropunk or AfroPunk) refers to the participation of African Americans and other black people in punk and alternative subcultures, especially in the United States where this scene had been overwhelmingly white.” - Wikipedia

Music is an integral part of Black communities (African Diaspora). Through it we tell our stories, express thoughts and emotions. We praise and dismantle. We challenge and embrace. We observe and report as well as push back against oppressive systems. This was done in North America and Europe through music genres synonymous with Black People: Blues, Soul, Rhythm & Blues, Gospel, Jazz etc. When punk emerged in the mid 70’s as a new aggressive, anti-establishment, politically charged music, it was really no surprise to learn that some of the earliest bands were black. Some of the genre even took directly from the Jamaican Ska scene of the 50’s. In spite of this often overlooked history black people have held space in this genre long enough to have it evolve into a unique sound and aesthetic that continues to challenge the status quo.































Be a part of the 5A1L Wall. Share your pieces and we’ll hang it in a provincial Gallery (AGA).


Submit original 12”x12” (1.5 inches wide) canvas-ready artwork, from paintings, photography to print, representing images and themes that evoke sentiments, ideas or conversation on the year's theme.  


This inclusive part of the showcase has garnered outstanding feedback and growing interest yearly. Past themes include: “There goes the Neighbourhood”; “The Civil Rights Movement” as well as “Black Girl Magic”.  All submissions from paintings, photography must adhere to canvas dimensions listed above.


To participate in The WALL, email us at with your contact info.


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