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The final date to "save a spot" on the wall is January 4, 2024. To participate in The WALL, email us at with your contact info.

Every year, this portion of the 5 Artists 1 Love exhibit is dedicated to a unified theme on The Wall. Anyone from the general public at large is welcome to submit a piece on a 12 x 12 (2 inch side width) gallery ready canvas which represents images and themes that evoke sentiments, ideas or conversation surrounding this chosen topic. Themes in the past have included: “There goes the Neighbourhood”; “The Civil Rights Movement” , “Afro Punk” & most recently,” Some of my Best Friends Are Black”. This inclusive part of the showcase has garnered outstanding feedback and growing interest yearly. This year all submissions, from paintings, photography to print will be hung with the rest of the show at the Art Gallery of Alberta, AGA. (must adhere to canvas dimensions)

Welcome to the annual '5 Artists 1 Loves' Black History Month exhibit! This year, our theme is "STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM NOW WE’RE HERE”. You might immediately recall the 2013 song by Hip Hop artist Drake when you hear this phrase. It suggests progression, a journey, or growth. It could represent personal growth or reference racial, social, political, or economic progress. We can all agree that "The Bottom" signifies a starting point, the lowest part. "Here" ,however ,could be anywhere along the journey, not necessarily the top.

We invite you to share your thoughts on this theme by creating a painting on a 12'x12' canvas with a 2-inch width. Show us what this phrase means to you! Once completed, your artwork will be displayed in the prestigious provincial Gallery (AGA). We value and encourage the public's participation, so this is an opportunity for your voice and creativity to be heard and seen.




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