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Established in 2010, the 5 Artists 1 Love music concert quickly became a must see event in the city of Edmonton, and provided a much needed stage for the wealth of diversely talented singers, musicians, poets, and dancers that call the city home. 

With  a proud focus on the unique and historical impact that black music and poetry has had on the world, the 5 Artists 1 Love music concert has grown and expanded from a small local event to a world class concert experience hosted at some of Edmonton's most renowned performance venues. The show sells out quickly every year, so get your tickets early!

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Juneteenth (June 19th) is a significant holiday that marks the end of slavery in North America, but its meaning goes beyond that historical event. It has become a celebration of freedom and family that resonates with people worldwide, inspiring a growing number of attendees each year. From a captivating musical world tour to old-school songs synonymous with "The cook up," our 17th annual celebration promises to sweep you away with stunning performances, toe-tapping music, spoken word, soaring vocals, laughter, and a unique, immersive experience that the 5 Artists, 1 Love team is renowned for. Everyone’s invited to join us as we honour the past, celebrate the present, and embrace the future.

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5A1L 2020


The Reel Film Noir

Explore the evolution of black people in film and the music behind it; through performance, poetry, comedy and a whole lot of soul, 5A1L style! This exclusive engagement delves into "The Reel Film Noir"!


You'll laugh, ponder, sing-along and bounce your head as we track the progression of favourite cult films and the important catalyst they play within the community.

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